Program History

Total to date

37 Workshops | 607 attendees | 238 Allies (Updated Summer 2018)


Workshops: 7 | Attendees: 130 | Allies Registered: 27   (Updated Summer 2018)

Hosted a Secular Advocacy Dinner in March 2018, bringing together campus and community faith and secular members and leaders to celebrate achievements at UCF.

Changed Secular and Religious Minority (SRMA) workshop name to InterWorldview Respect and Inclusion (IWRI).

Spoke at UU Congregation of Lake County on Humanism.

Delivered the first Atheist invocation for the Florida Legislature.  House of Representatives, 1/11/18.  Sponsored by Representative Carlos Guillermo Smith.

In Jan 2018 HSS’s first volunteer intern, Robin Schapiro, began helping with research and editing to support the program.


Workshops: 9  |  Attendees: 146|  Allies Registered: 53

On October 26, 2017, the UCF Board of Trustees approved the new non-discrimination language across our relevant documents, policies, and regulations.  The changes include listing non-religious identity as a protected class at the university.

In September 2017 the first Humanism workshops were held as part of Global Peace Week at Valencia College.  The first Humanism workshop at UCF was held in October during Diversity Week.

Diversity week 2017, we hosted a Diverse Faculty and Staff Blood Drive Challenge.  The winning group, Latino Faculty and Staff Association, won a $250 grant for marketing materials.  The drive collected 21 units of blood.

May 2017, We updated our website to Humanist and Secular Services to reflect the verbiage used by the Religion and Non-Religion services webpage.

In May 2017, the Religion and Non-Religion services webpage was published by Student Development and Enrollment Services (SDES). This web space provides inner-life support and development resources for campus community members of all faith and non-faith perspectives.  This effort took more than a year and was a collaborative initiative of SRMA, Campus Faiths and Ministries, and SDES.  We thank everyone who was involved and are so grateful for the university’s genuine commitment to inclusion!

On April 25th, the Humanist Chaplain at UCF served on a Faith and Trauma panel for the Holocaust Center in partnership with Rollins College.

In Spring 2017 the Humanist Chaplain at UCF was invited to serve on the advisory board for the UCF Reflection Room, a permanent space being included in the Student Union renovations and managed by the Student Union.

In Spring 2017, we spoke at two Diversity Certificate Series events, giving a “mini-srma” overview.


Workshops: 11  |  Attendees: 165  |  Allies Registered: 87

In Fall of 2016 the workshop increased from 2.0 DEU hours to 3.0 DEU hours to include additional group discussions, activities, and videos.

During Diversity Week 2016, SRMA sponsored an expert panel exploring the experiences of minority individuals within the non-faith community.   Panel members were Mandisa Thomas, Founder and President of the Black Nonbelievers, Inc.; David Tamayo, Founder and President of the Hispanic American Freethinkers; and Stephanie Guttormson, transgender advocate and Director of Operations for the Richard Dawkins Foundation.  Our moderator was David Williamson, Co-Director of the Central Florida Freethought Community. The intersectionality of being a minority within a minority increases personal challenges and cultural non-acceptance. While secular-serving communities are on the rise, many are not educated about or able to address these minority concerns.  Intentional resources, leadership, and community that understand and serve these individuals are essential.

In Fall 2016 our facilitator was ordained as a Humanist Chaplain in order to further serve the needs of secular and faith minority members of our Knight Family.

Also in Fall 2016, we worked with community humanist organizations and the UCF Foundation to establish a community engagement scholarship fund supporting members of the Secular Student Alliance at UCF.

In summer of 2016 the new Strategic Plan, UCF Collective Impact, was released.  With the increased focus on growing and supporting diverse students, faculty, and staff, SRMA was re-branded, enhanced with a mission, vision, and goals statement that connects our efforts to the UCF Strategic Plan, and expanded to include additional content.

In addition, SRMA leadership made requests to the university for official recognition and accommodations for Knights of non-faith and underrepresented minority perspectives. (will be added as updates are available):

  • The UCF President’s Statement on Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action was amended in June 2016 to explicitly include non-religion in the list of protected identities. This gives a clear statement of the university’s intent, policy, and practice of respect and inclusion for all members of our campus community, regardless of faith or non-faith perspective. Read the statement here.


Workshops: 8  |  Attendees: 118 |  Allies Registered: 49

In May 2015, SRMA was recognized by the national Secular Safe Zone office as a model program for institutional implementation.

On October 16, the SRMA coordinator served on an expert panel, “LGBTQ+ & People of Faith,” hosted by the College of Engineering and Computer Science.

On February 26, the SRMA coordinator served on an expert panel, “Women and Faith,” hosted by Women and Gender Studies at UCF.

In Fall 2015 the workshop increased from 1.5 to 2 hours (2 diversity credits).  We became part of the Link Loot program through First Year Experience to encourage students new to UCF to join the conversation.


Workshops: 2  |  Attendees: 48  |  Allies Registered: 22

By early 2014, preliminary research and program & content development was under way.  On April 18, 2014, a representative from the national Secular Student Alliance office came to Orlando and certified two facilitators at a training that engaged 12 UCF and community leaders, most of whom signed up to become the initial foundation of Allies in Central Florida.

From May to August of 2014, focus groups met to review and refine the workshop content and determine and serve the specific needs of our campus community.  There were more than 30 focus group events that ranged from one-on-one consultations to groups of 30. In addition, planning meetings and reviews were held with relevant university entities.

On October 22nd, 2014, the first live SRMA workshop was offered at UCF.  Thank you to everyone who has shared part of this wonderful journey.


Workshops: 0  |  Attendees: 0  |  Allies Registered: 0
In September of 2013 we learned about the national Secular Safe Zone program and our first UCF representative signed up as an Ally.  The inquiry was also made about potentially bringing a safe zone program to the University of Central Florida.