Sharing SRMA and Related Content

Original content of this workshop was developed and compiled for the University of Central Florida Office of Diversity and Inclusion.  The workshop is part of the university’s diversity program and supports UCF’s 4th strategic goal: become more inclusive and diverse.

The initiative was developed during 2014 through research, focus groups, and consultations.  Partnerships included UCF Office of Diversity Initiatives, the national Secular Safe Zone, and Secular Student Alliance.  We worked together to create inclusive, culturally sensitive content that achieved the intended goal of promotion respectful spaces for individuals of all faith and non-faith perspectives.

The University of Central Florida is the first to implement the Secular Safe Zone program incorporating discussion all faith and non-faith perspectives and explicitly promoting the importance of including all faith perspectives as part of the university’s diversity conversation.

UCF Contacts:   
–>  SRMA Coordinator
–>  Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Featured and attributed content include:

The Symbolopoly game was created specifically for the SRMA workshop at UCF and may not be re-created or used without express permission of the university.

Secular Safe Zone – we partnered with the Secular Safe Zone coordinator to create a unique program at UCF.  All Secular Safe Zone materials, registrations, and information cited are property of the national Secular Student Alliance.   To learn more about creating your own partnership with SSA or to use content from their program in your own work, contact their program coordinator, Pete Zupan.

Data and statistics from PEW Research Center (view privacy policy)



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