Humanist Chaplain


Office hours by appointment.  Evening and weekend hours available.
Contact:  or 407-823-3094

Humanist chaplaincies serve the same roles as their religious counterparts, but serve from the perspective of secular, Humanist values.

A Humanist Chaplain works within an organization to provide a Humanist perspective for those who want it. That can be anyone who just wants a friendly chat, advice, consultation, education about Humanism, a secular celebrant for ceremonies, or Humanist pastoral care for more difficult issues and existential questions.

Humanism is the belief that you can lead a good life without god. It is the belief that we only have one life and that we should make the most of it, for ourselves and for our fellow human beings. Humanists make sense of the world by means of reason and evidence. Humanists have a positive outlook on life, guided by rational thought and focus on the importance of human cooperation and compassion for solving problems.

A Humanist Chaplain can increase the well being of individuals, but note that chaplains are not health care professionals or professional counselors. If you require counseling or help with mental health issues you should contact UCF Counseling and Psychological Services. A chaplain can certainly help with making that contact.

hs_logo03Humanist Society Chaplain Information

UCF’s Humanist Chaplain is certified through The Humanist Society, a branch of the American Humanist Association.

A chaplain represents Humanist values and principles in secular institutions such as a hospital, nursing home, prison, military unit, school, police department, university and/or humanist community.

Chaplains have the responsibility and authority to work with non-humanists as well as humanists. This position is distinguished by a professional chaplain’s covenant to serve all and exploit none.

The society endorsement affirms 1) the individual can authentically represent humanism and 2) the individual is ready to serve according to professional standards within and outside the humanist community.

Our Humanist Chaplain at UCF is also a certified Celebrant.  Celebrants conduct Humanist, nonreligious, and interreligious weddings, commitment/same-sex unions, memorials, baby namings, and other life cycle ceremonies.

The Board of Chaplaincy Certification Inc. (BCCI), an affiliate of the Association for Professional Chaplains (APC), sets their own standards for certification.  APC recognizes the Humanist Society as an endorser of chaplains.   Click here for more information on the standards set by the BCCI.