Inter-Worldview Inclusion

DIV224: Inter-Worldview Respect and Inclusion

3 Hour Workshop

As faith and non-faith diversity increases, incidents of related discrimination, bullying, marginalization, and other challenges continue to rise. Through interactive discussions and games we explore faith and non-faith diversity and the experiences of those facing challenges in our culture because of their minority perspective.  We have open dialogue on stereotypes and common questions, and we enhance our personal inclusion toolbox with resources we can use to increase respect and inclusion for people of all worldviews.

Participants will have the option to sign up as Secular Safe Zone allies.

There are people around us every day of diverse worldviews, many facing challenges related to their faith or non-faith perspective.  A student we are working with may be disowned from their family because they’ve come out as being of a different faith.  A UCF colleague may be struggling with workplace harassment. A friend may be hiding their perspective because they fear impact to relationships and employment.

If we build our team’s empathy, ability to connect with each other, and resources to respond to challenges in a positive way, we empower everyone to increase inclusionary attitudes and reduce faith-related conflict and stress.

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