The Secular and Religious Minority Awareness (SRMA) initiative brings faith an non-faith inclusion into the diversity conversation at UCF and provides advocacy and resources for non-religious individuals and anyone facing marginalization, bullying, discrimination, or other challenges because of their faith or non-faith perspective.

SRMA Mission: To foster academic, professional, and social environments that include and respect individuals of all faith and non-faith perspectives.

Strategic Link

Increasing Diversity and Inclusion has been the fourth goal of the the university since Dr. Hitt established his strategic plan in 1990.  The new strategic plan, UCF’s Collective Impact, approved by the Board of Trustees in Summer 2016, maintains it as our fourth goal, but increases its importance by indicating that our second promise to our stakeholders is to “attract and cultivate exceptional and diverse faculty, students, and staff whose collective contributions strengthen us.”  Read More.

An inclusive environment where diverse people thrive together requires intentional identity-specific resources. SRMA provides essential representation and support for, and education about, faith and non-faith diversity on campus.  As we become more diverse and internationally engaged, fostering a culture of understanding and respect for all perspectives is essential.  Faith and worldview diversity is one of the most important diversity conversations of our time.

SRMA Initiatives & Services

  • Advocacy for inclusion of all faith and non-faith individuals at UCF
  • Consultations for individuals and departments
  • Humanist Chaplain and Celebrant services
  • Scholarship fund
  • Secular Safe Zone Allies Network
  • SRMA Workshop

SRMA Population at UCF

  • 12% of the general adult population identifies as minority Christian, non-Christian, or other worldviews.
    (9,000 students, faculty, and staff)
  • 24% of the general adult population identify as secular. (2,400 faculty & staff)
  • 36% of college-aged individuals identify as secular
    (23,000 students)
  • 6% of the general adult population identifies as Atheist or Agnostic (4,500 students, faculty, and staff)
  • 48% of LGBTQ+ identify as secular.
  • 100% – any person, regardless of faith or non-faith, may potentially experience challenges because of their perspective.  We understand and serve EVERY member of our campus community by reducing incidents of faith-related conflicts and providing resources and support where needed.

(SRMA populations statistics based on Pew Research Center faith statistics and UCF population of 65,000 students and 10,000 employees).